Kannada Movies OTT Release List 2024

The Kannada film industry is one of the fastest-growing movie industries in India. The recent boom in the industry has led to a rise in the number of upcoming Kannada movies. The Kannada film industry is presently the second-largest film industry in India.

Kannada movies are released on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and more. They also release their films on multiple screens and theaters simultaneously. The recent trend of releasing Kannada movies on OTT platforms has made it easier for people to watch them without leaving their homes.

With increasing Kannada movie releases, there is no shortage of content to watch. However, it is sometimes hard to keep track of all these movies. This article gives you a list of upcoming Kannada movies that you should be able to watch online or offline shortly.

This is a list of upcoming Kannada movies that are set to release soon and are worth watching. This list contains original and remake films set to release soon.

Upcoming Kannada Movies OTT Release Dates 2024